Mailing List:

Price: $35.00
Rock Oolong
Grown at 2300 feet, this is a lightly roasted oolong with a rich, smoky, earthy taste
Price: $180.00
White Tea Puerh
Unlike any tea that we make, this tea is made following traditional puerh fermentation methods
Price: $350.00
Wild White Tea Cake
Wild White Tea Leaves from 2010 are pressed into a delicious cake that is sure to be a treat for any tea lover ...
Price: $30.00
Yellow Tea 2016
Harvested from an abandoned tea farm, this tea is sure to be a unique treat for any tea lover
Price: $30.00
Rainbow Peony Tea, White Tea, Chinese Tea, Mountain Grown, White Tea Benefits, White Tea Benefit, Organic Tea, Organic, Rainbow Peony
Smooth and mellow, Rainbow Peony is delicately crafted at the peak of the Tai Mu Mountain in the Fall from the top bud and 2-3 leaves. ...
Price: $35.00
Autumn Red
The highest quality batch of red tea from our 2011 fall harvest. Loaded with deep rich flavor and sweet fruit aroma. ...
Price: $32.00
2012 Brick Aged Wu-Long Tea, WuLong Tea, Chinese Tea, Mountain Grown, Organic Tea
Comprised of hand-picked white tea leaves that are gently oxidized for 4-5 hours and then pressed into bricks, this tea has been aged for 4 years to give it a mature, clean finish. ...