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The Perfect Cup of Tea

Step 1: Prepare Water

First, bring spring or filtered water to a boil, preferably using a kettle (stovetop or electric). Reduce the temperature by either allowing the water to sit and cool in the kettle for 1 minute, or by slowly pouring the boiling water into a pitcher or cup before pouring on to your tea leaves. We aim for water in the 195-205 range for all of our teas.


  • If the water is too hot, it can scald (overcook) the tea leaves
  • If the water is too cold, the tea will take longer to brew and the health components of tea may not be fully released

Step 2: Amount of Tea Leaves

For lightweight, leafy teas such as our white tea, herbal white tea, and white tea wu-long, use approximately 1 heaping tablespoon of leaves per 8 oz cup. For heavier, ?denser teas such as green tea, jasmine tea, and red tea, use approximately 1/2 – 1 tablespoon per 8 oz cup.

Step 3: Steeping the Tea

Using the guidelines above for water temperature and amount of tea leaves, you should be able to brew our tea leaves 3-4 times in one sitting. Typically we like to brew all of our teas about 1-2 minutes on the first and second time that we steep and then add more time for the third and fourth steepings. Please brew according to you desired strength and note:

  • If the tea is not strong enough for you, put the tea leaves back into your brewing tool and steep longer
  • If the tea is too strong for you, simply add some hot water to dilute the flavor

Finally, enjoy your delicious cup of tea!

Always use filtered or spring water for the best flavor

For information on how to make iced tea with loose leaves, check out our blog post on the subject by clicking here.

Note: These brewing tips are exclusively for Shang Tea and may not apply to teas from other companies