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Contrary to popular belief, white tea leaves are not harvested from the same plant as green tea leaves. Much like apple trees, different tea plants produce wide varieties of tea.

Our white tea is grown organically on the high mountains in Northeast Fujian. Drying the tea leaves in the high mountain sunshine will ensure you the most flavorful and soothing cup of white tea.

Price: $60.00
does white tea contain caffeine
Grown at the peak of the Tai Mu Mountain, the young and tender buds are picked in early spring and air dried in the brilliant mountain sun to create a rounded mellow cup ...
Price: $20.00
egc green vs white tea
Smooth and mellow, White Peony King is delicately crafted at the peak of the Tai Mu Mountain from the top bud and 2-3 leaves. ...
Price: $32.00
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Our wild white tea has been harvested from the untamed hillsides in the Tai Mu Mountains. Untouched by human hands for years, these white tea plants developed a robust character with earthy...
Price: $30.00
Brick Aged White Tea
Brick aged white tea is a relatively new style of processing. For this tea, we first started by aging our white peony for one year. At the end of the year, the leaves were steamed to make them...