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White Tea Puerh

White Tea Puerh - 615
White Tea Puerh - 615
White Tea Puerh - 615

11 oz (312g) makes 330+ cups, 53 cents per cup

Ingredients: 100% Organic Tea Leaves
Name: White Tea Puerh

We are dedicated to White Tea from Fujian, China, but during the 2011 tea harvest, we decided to use the White Tea (Da Bai, Da Hao) cultivar to make our own white tea puerh. The processing style is typically found in Yunnan. The processing is very similar to raw puerh but with a different base leaf. The white tea leaves are handpicked and withered until they are soft enough to roll. After rolling, the leaves are piled up together for 2-3 days for extra fermentation under close attention. Once that step is complete, the leaves are spread out to air dry fully and then roasted to dehydrate the leaf. After at least one year of aging loose, the leaves are ready to be re-steamed and compressed into a tea cake. We are very excited about how well this tea has aged and we are finally ready to release it to the public.

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