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About Shang Tea

Shang Tea was founded in 2005 by owner Zehua Shang, a native of China. Having grown up in China, Shang has an appreciation and knowledge for fine teas as well as for the rich history of tea that dates back thousands of years. After moving to the United States in 2000, he saw the opportunity to share part of his culture that has been benefiting the health of his people for centuries.

Shang welcomes you to try his award winning teas. His white, jasmine, and red teas are gold prize winners of the annual tea contest held in the Fujian Province. These high quality teas provide a whole new experience for tea lovers and newcomers to tea.

What makes Shang Tea so delicious?

All our teas are high mountain grown in the Fujian Mountains, which are renowned for having the perfect climate, soil & water. What makes these loose leaf teas truly superior in flavor and quality is the beautiful climate in which the tea plants are grown. Cultivated at high altitude on the mountains, the tea plants flourish under the ideal climatic conditions. Far removed from the metropolitan areas. To get to these tea fields, we have to always walk hours on small paths.

Shang sits on the small pathway that must be walked to reach the tea fields

A vibrant mountain top tea field

Brewing the freshest tea

Hand selecting the finest tea leaves

A scenic view of a peaceful mountain top

Another scenic view of a serene mountain top lake

Thanks for visiting our website! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or stop by our storefront located in Kansas City, Missouri!