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Special Reserve Green Tea

Special Reserve Green Tea - 410
Special Reserve Green Tea - 410
Special Reserve Green Tea - 410

2 oz (57g) makes 60+ cups, 33 cents per cup

Ingredients: Wild Harvested Green Tea leaves

Name: Special Reserve Green Tea
Cultivar: Ti Guan Yin

This special reserve green tea is a wild harvested tea that grows near the farm of Shang's friend. This green tea exudes a beautiful, vibrant green color that demonstrates the freshness of this tea. As with most green teas, this one has a green, grassy taste to it, but with an amazing umami sweetness and no bitterness or astringency.

  • Aroma of parsley and cut grass.
  • Opulent green kale flavor with meyer lemon high note.
  • Buttery mouthfeel.

First Flush

In a wild growing section of ti guan yin plants adjacent to one of Shang’s friends farms, the bud and young leaves of the plants are picked in early spring while still tender. The aroma and fragrance in this wild area is incredible and shows in this delicious tea.

The tea leaves are spread on cloth to wither for a few hours immediately after they are harvested. When they become soft enough, they are loosely rolled and then spread out to cool down for one or two hours. After they have cooled, the leaves are dried in an oven at around 150 F to lower moisture content to under 7%.

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