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Rock Oolong

Rock Oolong - 002
Rock Oolong - 002
Rock Oolong - 002

2 oz (57g) makes 60+ cups, 50 cents per cup

Ingredients: 100% Organic Tea Leaves
Name: Rock Oolong

Grown at 2,300 feet on the Xue Shan Mountain (Snow Mountain) in South Fujian, the base material for this Rock Oolong is the highest quality we have ever encountered. Large shipments of this Tea has even been requested from various people on the Wuyi mountain, home of the Rock Oolong. Taking into consideration the quality of the tea leaf, we decided to lightly roast this oolong in order to keep the original tea flavor and nutrients of the tea leaf. Originally, Rock Oolongs are roasted at around 140 degrees celsius (284 degrees fahrenheit) for 2 to 3 hours depending on the producer. We decided to roast our Rock Oolong at 110 degrees celsius (230 degrees fahrenheit) for a little over 2 hours, resulting in a more well rounded cup of tea.

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2 Ounces4 Ounces8 Ounces
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