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Rainbow Peony

Rainbow Peony - 119
Rainbow Peony - 119
Rainbow Peony - 119

2 oz (57g) makes 60+ cups, 50 cents per cup

Ingredients: 100% Organic White Tea Leaves
Name: Rainbow Peony (Bai Mu Dan)

Cultivar: Da Bai, Da Hao

Traditionally, white tea is hand-plucked in the early spring, withered and then sun dried. This white tea however, was hand-plucked in autumn and then processed. The plants during the autumn harvest have endured summer rains, bright sunshine, mist and mountain dew. They now contain what is called “Autumn Golden Sun Energy.” Teas picked during this time of year are known as Gao Xiang, or “High Fragrance” teas, because of their strong aroma after brewing. Our Rainbow Peony and our Wild White tea are the only autumn harvested, and sun dried white teas we have produced. We call it Rainbow Peony because the color variety in each one of the leaves. Ranging from darker natural tones, to brighter green leaves as well. This tea was produced in 2011 and has been aging and oxidizing ever since.

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