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Gaiwan - 24
Gaiwan - 24
Gaiwan - 24

Handcrafted in Dehua County, Fujian, one of the three famous porcelain cities in China, these Jade Porcelain Gaiwans are perfect for brewing a delicious cup of tea. Literally translated, Gaiwan (pronounced Guy Wan) means lidded cup or lidded bowl, and this brewing vessel is one of the oldest methods of brewing tea.

If you are drinking tea by yourself, the traditional way to use the gaiwan is to drink directly from the cup. Simply add leaves and hot water and either blow the leaves away or use the lid to brush them away as you drink directly from the cup. Before you drink all the water, refill the gaiwan and continue to drink the tea until you no longer enjoy the taste or no longer want any more tea.

In addition you can use the gaiwan to brew tea Gong Fu Style. In this method you brew the tea in the gaiwan and then pour through a metal strainer into a pitcher. Then you serve yourself and any guests from the pitcher. We will be posting our gaiwan set online soon with all the necessary components to brew tea this way, so keep an eye here for that!

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