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Brick Aged White Tea

Brick Aged White Tea - 120
Brick Aged White Tea - 120
Brick Aged White Tea - 120

1 Oz (29g) makes 30+ cups, 40 cents per cup

Brick aged white tea is a relatively new style of processing. For this tea, we first started by aging our white peony for one year. At the end of the year, the leaves were steamed to make them pliable and then pressed into cakes. These cakes were then stored at about 40-60% humidity to slowly ferment the tea leaves. Over years, these bricks have been aging, bringing on a nice woodsy, earthy quality to them with that smooth finish that you have come to expect from our teas. We broke up the brick tea into a loose leaf form to make it easier to enjoy, but we also have a whole brick available as well.

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15g Sample2 oz4 OZ
15g Sample / $9.00, 2 oz / $30.00, 4 OZ / $60.00

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