How To: Make Your Own Tea Blends

by on Sunday, January 13, 2013 9:16:00 PM

Here at Shang Tea we focus specifically on providing the highest quality, organic, Chinese teas that Our most popular blend: Honeysuckle White Teataste delicious and also respect the traditional processing and preparation methods. We do this not only to prepare the best tasting teas, but also to preserve an aspect of traditional Chinese tea culture.

Sometimes though you may be looking for a little something extra, perhaps a dash of mint or some bits of fruit. Or maybe you are looking for a good Chai blend, something that we don’t and probably won’t carry at our store. Yet you still want to be drinking the highest quality product that you can find.

Our recommendation is to have some fun and prepare your own blends, rather than trying to find a pre-mixed blend at a store! Not only is it a fun process to make your own blends, but it will also lead to a fresher, tastier tea because you have control over all the ingredients.

So what are some things you can experiment with? Well, let’s say you want a mint tea. Instead of buying a pre-mixed mint tea, go to the store and buy fresh mint leaves or grow your own in your backyard. Dehydrate them in your oven by heating it to 90-110 degrees and checking the leaves often until they have dried. Put the mint leaves in an airtight container and place with other herbs/spices in a cool, dark area. When you are ready to make mint tea, add the dry leaf to another tea (white, green, black, etc) or just drink by itself according to your own personal preference.

Another one we hear a lot of customers ask for is Chai. This one is a great one to make at home and there are lots of recipes that can be found online to experiment with. Basically start with a good base black tea (such as our Bai-Lin Kung Fu Classic Red!) and add your preferred combination of cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, black pepper, etc. Here is just one example of a possible chai recipe to start experimenting with:

You can also add dried fruit peels (such as orange), dried flowers, or anything else that you are interested in trying. You can find plenty of examples online of mixes to try if you are interested, and preparing it yourself will lead to a fresher and more delicious tasting tea!

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