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Honeysuckle White Tea

what is white tea
what is white tea
Honeysuckle White Tea - 314
Honeysuckle White Tea - 314

2 oz (57g) makes 60+ cups, 25 cents per cup

Ingredients: Organic White Tea leaves, Wild Honeysuckle Flowers
Name: Honeysuckle White Tea (Jin Yin Hua Bai Cha)
Cultivar: Da Bai, Da Hao

Smooth and soothing, this tea creation is a blend of our White Peony King and Wild Honeysuckle Flowers. Highly prized for its medicinal value, Honeysuckle is used in China and Europe to cool the body, alleviate headaches and soothe sore throats. Honeysuckle flowers contain anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Mossy, mineral scent.
  • Deep earthy sweetness piqued with flint.
  • Distinctively supple mouth-feel.

First and second flush

The honeysuckle flowers are 100% wild harvested from the White Tea Mountain in early summer, just before the blossoms open.

The flowers are blended with an aged batch of White Peony King, which is hand-plucked in early spring, when the bud and first leaves of the tea plant are still tender.

This tea is sun-dried on a bamboo rack for one or two days. As the buds begin to silver, the tea is gently rotated to ensure consistency.

The tea is finished over fir and fruit tree charcoal at a low temperature, which maintains the integrity of the young leaves as the nearly odorless flames from the sweet woods impart a clean aroma. A portion of the finished tea is set aside to age for a year or more. This practice allows the tea to mature and deepen in flavor, and is considered to increase its medicinal potency.

When the honeysuckle flowers are just about to open, they must be harvested immediately. The blossoms are heaped into piles in a process called yang hua, which primes and ripens the flowers. The honeysuckle flowers ripen for a few hours, until they have started to open, then are steamed for a few minutes, and then are air dried on bamboo racks in the shade.

After the delicate drying process is finished (usually in about two days), the flowers are gently roasted, cooled and then packed to age for at least six months. Like aging the tea, aging the dried flowers is believed to increase not only their sweet and earthy flavor, but also their healing properties.

After maturing separately, the tea and honeysuckle flowers are blended.

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