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benefits of white teaHerbal White Tea

Our herbal White Teas are blended with the highest quality herbal ingredients. Many herbal teas have healthful properties and are used in China for medicinal purposes including weight loss, lowering cholesterol, and relaxation.

Our herbal additions are naturally grown and in some cases are harvested from the wild. Our Pao Blossom and Honeysuckle White teas each possess their own distinctive flavor and benefits, providing you a diverse array of taste experiences from which to choose.

Because white tea offers the most antioxidants compared to any other category tea, there is an optimal amount of antioxidants and other disease fighting compounds in every cup!

Price: $35.00
does white tea contain caffeine
Pao Blossom White Tea's taste could be described as the more radiant and extraordinary sister of Jasmine Tea. Cultivated on only 3-5 square miles of land in the world, the rare Pao blossom is a...
Price: $22.00
what is white tea
Smooth and soothing, this tea creation is a blend of our White Peony King and Wild Honeysuckle Flowers. Highly prized for its medicinal value, Honeysuckle is used in China and Europe to cool the...
Price: $16.00
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