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does green tea contain caffeineGreen Tea

Celebrated around the world for its health giving properties, green tea has been enjoyed in China for almost 5,000 years.

We offer only the freshest, top-class green teas grown naturally and minimally processed for a bold, refreshing cup. Being high-mountain grown in the ideal climate and being hand-picked gives Shang Tea it's superior quality in flavor.

Price: $22.00
Jasmine Green Tea
A delicious tea with a taste of candied jasmine, this is a great tea for any jasmine lover!
Price: $22.00
Special Reserve Green Tea
This special reserve green tea is a wild harvested tea that grows near the farm of Shang's friend. This green tea exudes a beautiful, vibrant green color that demonstrates the freshness of this tea....
Price: $22.00
benefits of green tea for dieting
This tea was grown in the high elevations of the Tai Mu Mountain and comes from the rarest varietal of green tea plant.. The very small and tender leaves create a sweet and very "green" flavor ...