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Yellow Tea

Yellow Tea - 618
Yellow Tea - 618
Yellow Tea - 618
Yellow Tea - 618

2 oz (57g) makes 60+ cups, 50 cents per cup

Ingredients: Organic Tea Leaves 
Name: 2016 Yellow Tea

This yellow tea was harvested from an abandoned tea farm in Fujian province. The farm elevation is roughly 2,400ft. Yellow tea is very similar to green tea, but with an added step. First, we handpick the tea leaves, wither until they are ready to be Sha Qing / rolled in a hot pot. Once sha qing, rolled, they are carefully piled together under a damp cloth for oxidizing. This process of being under the cloth happens specifically overnight for 6-8 hours. The night time air is cool and contains a good amount of moisture to help make this extra step possible, and efficient. On top of that, it’s important to wake up and shift the leaves every 2-3 hours so every leaf is getting the right amount of time to process. It’s during this process that the leaves become light yellow and this tea gets its name. When the tea leaves are ready, they are lightly roasted at roughly 150 degrees Fahrenheit to lower the moisture content. 

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