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Wild Chrysanthemum

Wild Chrysanthemum - 712
Wild Chrysanthemum - 712
Wild Chrysanthemum - 712
1 oz (29g) makes 30+ cups, 30 cents per cup

Naturally Caffeine Free

Name: Wild Chrysanthemum
Ingredients: 100% Wild Grown Chrysanthemum Flowers (Beyond Organic)

Chrysanthemum flowers are highly prized in Chinese culture for their medicinal value. They are typically used to lower stress, treat headaches, and also to help lower blood pressure. 

Our Chrysanthemum flowers are 100% wild grown to ensure that they are the highest quality. They contain no caffeine.
The chrysanthemum flower bud is wild harvested from the White Tea Mountain in early autumn, at the height of the dry season. Harvesting the bud rather than the open flower means a smaller yield each season, but the flavor of the buds is smoother and much sweeter than that of the mature flowers.
The chrysanthemum buds are air dried on bamboo racks in full sun.  During the dry season, the sun is harsh and strong, and the buds bask in its heat for two days before they are packed for the yang hua, or ripening, to take place as they age until the next season.  The slow ripening maintains the sweetness of the buds, and aging the dried flowers is believed to increase their healing properties.
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