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The Shang Tea Blog is the educational arm of the Shang Tea company. We hope to use this space to share more information about tea, chinese tea culture, and industry news. Shang Tea Company was founded by owner Zehua Shang, and we specialize in white tea which we produce ourselves. In addition to white tea, Shang also produces green tea, jasmine tea, and red/black tea. We are excited to use this blog to engage with other tea drinkers and also to focus on the tea topics that you want to hear about, so please let us know if there is a specific question that you want us to answer!

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Shang Tea

by on Sunday, August 10, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Want to know how we brew our tea in the store? Here is a step by step guide to what we do.The Importance of WaterThe first thing that we look at when brewing tea is the quality of the water. If you have been using straight tap water, we recommend that at the very least you start to filter you water in some way, whether that be a brita filter, a fridge filter, or an undersink filter. This will remove some of the chlorine/chloramines, dissolved solids from your pipes, and other components that...

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