Why High Mountain Grown?

by on Sunday, August 4, 2013 12:41:00 AM

We often talk about how our tea is high mountain grown, but we usually don't explain enough why it is important to get your tea from mountain sources rather than from valleys or from lower elevations. Here are three reasons to sources your teas from high elevations.


  1. Tea plants are best suited to high mountain climates. The earliest known tea plants were found wild growing in the high mountains of China, so the plant is ideally suited for this type of environment. The high mountain soil, water, air, and climate all provide a unique terroir that lends itself to the highest quality tea

  2. The higher elevation farms tend to be cleaner. A farm can use only organic growing standards, but if they are located at the bottom of a mountain and the farms above them use lots of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that will eventually come down the mountain and end up in the soil.

  3. Higher elevation farms are typically more bio diverse. When you look for a tea try to avoid farms that strip the land to plant tea crops. Instead look for farms that allow the natural grasses and plants to continue growing around the tea plants. The tea plants take longer to grow in these types of environments, but the flavor is much better and more rounded than with strictly monoculture tea farms.

These are three good reasons to search for truly high mountain grown teas rather than low elevation teas.

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