Tea Research: Antimutagenic Effects of Tea

by on Sunday, July 1, 2012 12:00:00 PM

We recently came across a very interesting study from 2000 that sought to determine whether white tea or green tea are more effective at preventing DNA mutations. In this study they mixed a potent carcinogen with salmonella, since salmonella has very similar DNA to humans, and they recorded the number of mutations that occurred in the Salmonella. Then they did the same tests, but they also mixed in green tea in one set of tests and white tea in the other, to see if they prevented mutations, and which one prevented the most mutations.

What they found is that both white tea and green tea prevented a substantial number of mutations as compared to the test group. However, white tea prevented more mutations than green tea, and in some cases completely stopped any mutation from occurring in the salmonella. This continues to demonstrate and add to the evidence that both white and green tea have a positive impact on your health.

Click here to see the research study

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