Tea Article in Tastebud Magazine!

by on Friday, June 17, 2011 1:33:00 PM

The most recent issue of Tastebud magazine has a nice profile of a few of the local Kansas City teahouses including Shang Tea. Check it out here! Here's the snippet about Shang Tea

Shang Tea opened in Crown Center around Thanksgiving, 2007. Mr Shang co-owns a tea plantation in his native Fujian, China, and the teas he sells here represent his production. Using organic agriculture, the 20-acre Shang Tea farm produces 90% white tea and 10% green tea, an employee at the shop, Lily, tells me. (As I'm writing this, in late April, Mr Shang is in Fujian for the annual spring tea harvest.) The teas I sampled were delicate, pure and nuanced, particularly the Wild White Tea, whose leaves grow on the edges of the farm, and the Pao Blossom White Tea (the pao plant is a relative of the grapefruit, and is only cultivated on 3 square miles in the world; Shang's pao blossom tea is allegedly the only pao tea available in the States).

In some respects, this is the shortest tea supply chain that one can find in Kansas City. Awesome.

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