Meet Our Staff: Caleb

by on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 8:00:00 PM

How did you get into tea?

I got introduced to tea by my best friend Ross after he had returned from China. I was already interested in Chinese culture and traditions and happened to also be interested in herbal medicines. Tea perfectly blended all of my interests into one thing and I like to think it was presented to me at the perfect time in life.

How did you find Shang Tea?

I found Shang Tea on the top floor of Crown Center almost four years ago now. I had the opportunity to sit down with Shang and try his tea and was hooked instantly. There is something about learning the origin and processing of the tea while drinking it that made me appreciate this beverage even more than I had before.

What is your favorite Shang Tea and why?

This might be the hardest question. It is very difficult to choose one favorite tea. Its a blessing and a curse working for Shang and having his teas all the time. Its a blessing because I am surrounded by the highest quality teas I've ever encountered and its a curse because it forces me to only drink his tea since no other teas can match the quality. If I had to pick only one I would probably pick our pure white tea: White Peony King.

What do you enjoy most about drinking tea?

What I enjoy most about drinking tea is the contemplation. Good tea brings good people, so whether I'm enjoying tea with friends having a great time or enjoying tea all by myself, I enjoy every second of it. Tea is for any mood and any time. Tea answers more questions than I can even think to ask.

Any words of wisdom for tea lovers out there?

I'm not a wise person, but my advice for tea drinkers is - share good tea. If you have a favorite tea share it. If you have a super high quality rare tea share it. Its such a blessing to be able to drink a healthy beverage the Earth naturally creates and I think its a blessing you should try to share with people as much as you can.

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