Meet Our Staff: Anne

by on Saturday, June 8, 2013 12:00:00 PM

We thought it might be fun to introduce you to our staff with a monthly interview with each member of our staff. This month we sat down with Anne to ask her a few questions. Anne has worked for Shang Tea for 2 years now. Primarily, Anne maintains our jewelry side of the store by stringing together new necklaces and bracelets, changing our displays, and keeping the shelves full of beautiful pieces. She also loves to sit down and enjoy tea with our wonderful customers. Here is our (brief) interview with Anne:


1. When did you start drinking tea?

"I started drinking tea as an alternative to drinking coffee in the evening when I was working at a café . I was drinking a lot of Moroccan mint and Jasmine Green tea at that time."

2. How did you find Shang Tea?

"I used to work at Whole Foods in the coffee and tea area, and I would assist owner Zehua Shang setting up for his tea demonstrations. I completely feel in love with his tea when he would brew samples there."

3. What is your favorite Shang Tea and why?

"I would have to say Jasmine Silver Needle, because I was introduced to Shang’s tea through jasmine. I really enjoy the softness of the flavor of the blossom and the earthiness from the silver needle complements it nicely."

4. Any words of wisdom for the tea lovers out there?

"Tea is meant to be shared"

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