Dehua County Porcelain

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As many of you are probably aware, we are continuing to grow our selection of fine porcelain tea ware in our store. Our first two pieces of hand crafted porcelain were our Kung Fu Cups and our porcelain Gaiwan. In addition, we are continuing to develop new products for the future including porcelain tea pots and storage jars. Today we wanted to give a brief profile of Dehua County in Fujian, where our fine porcelain tea ware is crafted.


Dehua County is known as one of the national treasures of China and has an incredibly diverse ecosystem and landscape comprised of beautiful mountains, water, and abundant natural resources and minerals. Within the county there are more than 280 mountains over 3000 ft above sea level, including the most famous called Daiyun Mountain, which is a national nature reserve. Dehua County has one of the highest biodiversity values per unit in all of China with thousands of different species of plants, insects, and animals.

Dehua County is also recognized as one of the three porcelain capitals of China along with Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province and Liling in Hunan Province and they have been crafting porcelain in Dehua at least since the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Dehua County is most famous for white porcelain and due to the low iron content and high potassium content of the clay in Dehua County, the porcelain has a milky luster to it which often leads to it being called ivory white or jade porcelain. Recent studies by government officials have shown Dehua County clay to be the highest quality when they compared it to about 80 different locations.

Our owner, Zehua Shang, works with one of the top porcelain studios in Dehua County to craft our porcelain tea ware. The studio, owned by Shang’s friend Mr. Zheng, produces some of the finest porcelain in China. Click here to see a photo gallery of some of their work.

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