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Pao Blossom White Tea

does white tea contain caffeine
does white tea contain caffeine
Pao Blossom White Tea - 311
Pao Blossom White Tea - 311

1 oz (29g) makes 30+ cups, 40 cents per cup

Ingredients: 100% Organic White Tea leaves, Pao Flowers
Name: Pao Blossom White Tea (Mi You Hua Cha)
Cultivar: Da Bai, Da Hao

Pao Blossom White Tea's taste could be described as the more radiant and extraordinary sister of Jasmine Tea. Cultivated on only 3-5 square miles of land in the world, the rare Pao blossom is a relative of the grapefruit.

Pao Flowers are used medicinally in China to lower blood pressure and clean impurities away from the body.

With our undivided and close attention, smooth white tea leaves are infused with Pao blossoms four times to create a remarkable floral flavor unlike any tea. Shang Tea is the sole producer and only company to sell Pao Blossom Tea in the world.

  • Savory aroma.
  • Notes of lilac and butter.
  • Supple mouthfeel with a brisk and cool finish.

This tea is the product of the second flush.

The Pao flower is harvested near the White Tea Mountain in late spring. The Pao tree, a relative of wild grapefruit, is in the citrus family, and the hardy blossoms have an intense and refreshing fragrance.

To make this tea, the bud and first leaves of the tea plant are also harvested in late spring. Teas harvested this time of year have a juicy, verdant quality that combines beautifully with the sparkling floral characteristics of the Pao blossom infusion.

The tea is withered for the first few hours after harvest to make it soft and pliable. It is then turned slowly in a heated barrel, where it gently dry-steams as it releases moisture. While still warm and soft, the tea is rolled to prevent breaking during scenting. The rolled tea is lightly shaken, cooled, untangled and then dried in the oven. Then the tea is packed and waits a half month for the Pao harvest.

When the Pao flowers are just about to open, they must be harvested immediately. The blossoms are heaped into piles in a process called yang hua, which primes and ripens the flowers so that they bloom and peak when mixed with the tea leaves.

The Pao flowers and the white tea are mixed together and left to infuse for one day and night. The mixture is shaken, and the flowers are removed as they float to the top of the tea leaves. The tea is then dehydrated in an oven to bring down the moisture content it took from the flowers. It is then stored to fix and ripen for another three days, or until the Pao blossom aroma has penetrated deep into the dense late-spring leaves. The tea is infused this way 3-4 times, using fresh batches of flowers for each phase.

The Pao Blossom White Tea is finished over fir and fruit tree charcoal at a low temperature. This slow process maintains the integrity of the young leaves, while the nearly odorless flames from the sweet woods impart a clean aroma.

A small portion of the finished tea is mixed again with flowers and combined with the full batch just before packing. This final seasoning, called pin hua, adds a lingering complexity to the aroma of the tea without bulking up the finished tea with superfluous flowers.

The Pao flowers are unique to the region, and Shang Tea is the only producer of this scented tea. The processing is a little different every year, customized to suit the weather conditions of the season. Because the flavors and aromas in the finished tea are variable, this tea is especially fun to collect and age from season to season.

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