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High Mountain Green Tea

benefits of green tea for dieting
benefits of green tea for dieting
High Mountain Green Tea - 411
High Mountain Green Tea - 411

2 oz (57g) makes 60+ cups, 22 cents per cup

100% Organic Green Tea Leaves
Name: High Mountain Green Tea
Cultivar: Tu Cha

This tea was grown in the high elevations of the Tai Mu Mountain and comes from the rarest varietal of green tea plant.. The very small and tender leaves create a sweet and very "green" flavor.

  • Light and sweet seaweed aroma
  • Umami of steamed chard; slight bitterness but no astringency
  • Rich, brothy mouthfeel

First flush

In early spring, the bud and first leaves of the tea plant are hand-plucked while still tender. If chewed raw, the young leaves have a clean and lightly bitter taste with a sweet finish, and almost immediately create refreshing moisture in the throat. The high mountain green tea leaves come from a different tea plant varietal than the white tea, called “Tu Cha” or translated literally as “local tea”. This plant is better suited for green tea production than the da bai/da hao white tea varietal.

The tea leaves are spread on cloth to wither for a few hours immediately after they are harvested. When they become soft enough, they are tightly rolled and then spread out to cool down for one or two hours. After they have cooled, the leaves are dried in an oven at around 150 F to lower moisture content to under 7%.

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